Raid info and loot rules for the main team.

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Raid info and loot rules for the main team.

Post by Agatosh » Mon Oct 26, 2015 2:17 am

We use TeamSpeak 3 for most of our communication needs in the guild such as raids, events, meetings, etc.
TeamSpeak homepage link.

For TS3 server address, check guild info or ask in guild.

Raid rules

The term 'raid event' means both days of raiding during the week.
The raid on day 1 and day 2 are considered as one event.
If you raid on day 1 you are expected to be there on day 2 as well. If you can only raid one of these days, let the raid creator know
as soon as possible.
If you have signed and something happens so you can't raid or if you're going to be late, let the raid creator know as soon as possible.

If you want to raid, sign on the in-game calendar. If you are on the main team and you can't come or you are unsure, sign as tentative. This
way we know that you just haven't forgotten to sign, so we don't wait for you needlessly.
If forgetting to sign becomes a problem we will start to use the "No sign, no raid" rule. This means you will not have a place on the raid team if you haven't signed up for the raid.

The raid team must be balanced. This means we can't have a team consisting of to many dps without healers to sustain the raid, or
9 melee and 1 ranged DPS etc.

Gear wise you should be gem'ed and enchanted accordingly.
Flasks and potions are expected of you. Feasts will be placed for food buff as long as they are available. In heroic tier raids you are expected
to bring your class' best buff food yourself.

You are expected to have DBM or an equally up to date boss mod, and a working dps/dmg meter like Details set to current fight. If your numbers are low, repeatedly on more than one boss, you are expected to withdraw from the raid and come back at a later date with improved knowledge and confidence to try again.
The addon GTFO is highly advisable you use. If your damage taken numbers are to high you will be asked to install it.

TeamSpeak 3 is mandatory, and you must be able to verbally communicate.

Be friendly and respect that we are all there to have fun, not to boost or get you easy loot. If you have any questions ask anyone in the guild or send an ingame message.

Loot rules

Priority of loot:
-Main characters have roll priority over alts.
-Trial raiders roll after Main raiders.

1st. Main spec.
2nd. Off spec
3rd. Disenchant if mats are still in need.
4th. Transmogging.
5th. War-forge roll. (Tier tokens)

Regarding set pieces. If you have your 4 set bonus, people that still need pieces to obtain the 4 set bonus will
have higher priority on rolls. This only applies to main spec.

You can roll on one main spec item and one off spec item per raid event.
If an item drops and you are the only one that needs it, you can roll again. We wont disenchant items
people can use.

If an upgrade drops you are expected to roll for it. Saving your roll for something better down the line is
not an option. The quicker we upgrade the more bosses we kill, resulting in more loot.

Recipe drops are reserved for pre-set guild crafters the first time they drop. After that, they follow similar
guidelines as normal loot. One per event, must be able to use the recipe then and there.

Rare drops like pets, mounts etc. are reserved for steady raiders. If you are new to the raid be patient,
show you are steady and you will be able to roll too. If you do win one of these items you are expected to be inn it
for the long haul. From earlier we've always had the understanding that we go until everyone on the team is done.
Be it gear, mount etc.

Everybody agrees before we move on to next raid/tier!

If you have any questions ask in-game via chat or postal service.

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Re: Raid info and loot rules for the main team.

Post by Nelf » Wed Mar 02, 2016 1:45 pm

all copied and pasted to Guild Facebook page

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